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Ever Flow River Trading Co,LTD

EVER FLOW RIVER TRADING COMPANY LIMITED was the first company incorporated under group. It is registered in 1998 and has been involved in the Trading businesses.

Ever Flow River Trading Co., Ltd operates for International Trading & logistics activities. Our company primarily focused to offer Trade Financing services to customers as value added service to our Logistics services.

As EFR Group expertise is for logistics & supply chain services, we are providing end to end logistics solutions including the trade formality transactions such as T/T and L/C arrangements. It covers stock handling, reporting, pick up & delivery as well as cash collection & remittance matters.

Later on, as demand from the market and new opportunities emerged, we started importing and exporting some other products on our own.

Currently EFR Trading is offering services to the renowned customers in Myanmar. The company will ensure to sustain and develop more business based on our strong cooperation with local customers and oversea partner companies.

In the near future, EFR Trading also aims to establish regional offices in Myanmar and focus on national distribution and e-commerce activities with our own products as well as the products of the producers that already have the business cooperation with us.

Our Mission and Vision

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide full turnkey services and high quality products through innovation, creativity and value.

We only consider to have developed a sustainable mission for our company and we define our successes will be measured by our clients preferring and appreciating us.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a powerful trading company not only in local but also in global each day by day.

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Company Registeration

UMFCCI Membership

Certificate for being the high Commercial Tax payer in 2016-17 Financial Year

Certificate for being the high Commercial Tax payer in 2017-18 Financial Year